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Little Wave :)

About Me
Hi everyone! My name is Galit, I live in Israel and I love Disney, and everything goes with it ;) I grew up on animated movies (I like the other classics too, Anastasia, Swan Princess...) but I mostly love the Disney movies. My twin and I had managed a fansite about the princesses: Disney Princess Castle, but it has been two years since we have last updated(2011). Except of Disney, my hobbies include a special love to the far east- I'm interested in the Chinese culture, and also in the Korean[thanks to time time I was in love with korean dramas, 'k-dramas'. My favorites were Full House(2004), Jewel in the Palace(2003) and Marry Me Mary(2010)]. I like history and culture, and I welcome knowledge, in any issue(whereas it's astronomy or a little scientific fact or folk stories). I love to share the knowledge I have with others:)
About My Journal
I joined LJ when I was 18. I haven't been so active for the past two years, till now that I am 20... In this journal I want to share my disney love with everyone :) I'd also tell a little about my own life, for this is my journal, the place where I write down my feelings. I'll share here my fangirled feelings about my fandoms, some stuff I find, theories, memes, and also reminisce the times when I had held a fansite with my twin sister, and made lots of graphics.
Links: Where else you can find me
Youtube as DisneyPrincessIsrael/disney princess fans ,
Fanfiction.net as queenofwaves ,
Deviantart as GalitR1993 ,
Tumblr as two twin princesses(an account I share with my twin) ,
and also here at icons_primavera.
My twin sister's account is inspired_flower
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